An introduction to stress management

Today, as MSA, we would like to highlight an area that most of us, due to our culture and societal norms have neglected – our mental health.

Our world is changing and Covid-19, has brought with it severe and rapid changes that we would not have anticipated before now.

Notably a seemingly abnormal situation has become the norm. Staying indoors to stay alive! Maintaining your distance from those around you to keep not only yourself but those around you safe. Working from home to stay alive. Where once upon a time teachers debated the usefulness of online learning,  now all are scrambling to be the best at it. It’s become a real life saver for both students and teachers except for one thing – both have to do their bits from home. Time has merged and the place that was home, has suddenly become an office & a classroom. Added to the already mammoth task of parenting, many moms and dads have found themselves coaching Maths, English, PE and/or Arts & Crafts etc. Never mind the Zoom meetings that seem to go on and on with work colleagues who take the first 10 minutes of the meetings as a catchup session because they miss adult interaction.  Indeed our world has changed.

There is pressure from all fronts for workers and entrepreneurs, to keep oneself and family safe whilst at the same time performing at their highest peak. Depending on your support system you might find yourself mentally drained and in need of some stress release. It is during such times that one’s mental capacity is tested and managing stress becomes not only important but a necessity for survival. Employees have had to navigate working from home whilst also being present in the home. Stress and burnout is becoming common and if not well managed, it can affect everyone – the employer and the employee, the student and the parent, the self-employed and the unemployed.

Most importantly, in the workplace, stress has a negative impact on one’s work performance and during such an unprecedented time, employers cannot afford to have their employees dropping the ball. According to the Global Organization for Stress, stress levels in the workplace are rising with 6 in 10 workers in major global economies experiencing increased stress. It is therefore important for employees to understand their stress triggers, recognise the stress symptoms and learn how to implement healthy stress management strategies for their personal wellbeing. This helps one contribute meaningfully to their fellow colleagues and in their homes, which are the new offices for the time being. One needs to create a happy stress-free space to enjoy life. In today’s language, the ability to manage and stay afloat during difficult times, is termed Adversity Intelligence!

In the next few days, we will be launching our first online course which will help develop and sharpen our Adversity Intelligence during this period.

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