Financial Planning Seminar 3

The World Bank Estimates that ‘approximately 2 billion people do not use formal financial services and more than 50{e3420f465557e77eed78216e3bf2386acc5749eb836f55e36545c52c0475aef0} of adults in the poorest households are unbanked. Financial Inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and boosting prosperity’.

Mustard Seed Advisory (MSA) is a development finance consulting firm providing technical support services to financial institutions including banks, private companies, non-governmental organizations and international aid agencies. The company supports and builds capacity of financial institutions by providing Market Research, Product Development, Institutional Development and Human Capital Development. Cognisant of the need to develop the supply side of the Financial Inclusion landscape, MSA, also offers Market Readiness Services that develop and groom low income households and enable them to appropriately select and exploit the financial services availed by suppliers.

Our approach is client centric, with particular focus on the Unbanked End User; to this end; we ensure that our advisory services are designed to match clients’ needs so as to facilitate interventions that deliver maximum impact; ultimately increasing access to financial services, reducing poverty and boosting prosperity.

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